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The Problem

Reviews are what creates your online reputation.  But trying to get your happy customers or patients to leave a review on 3rd party review sites such as Yelp or Google+ Local can be extremely frustrating and time consuming.  If you’ve ever tried, you know what we’re talking about!

On top of that, business owners are often hesitant to ask for reviews for fear of encouraging that one cranky customer who might taint their reputation across the online world.

The Solution

Our Proprietary Review App makes it easy for your own satisfied customers or patients to make you shine with a steady flow of positive reviews to the sites that matter the most.  We make it easy for you to build a 5-Star Reputation.

And our software also filters out the unhappy customers and brings their negative feedback directly to the business owner so you can improve your business and protect your reputation at the same time.  Now you can sleep at night.


97% of Consumers Aged 18-34 Read Online Reviews Before They Call.

2015 Local Consumer Review Survey


88% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

2015 Search Engine Land


90% of Consumers Say That Positive Online Reviews Influence Their Buying Decisions.

Dimensional Research

How LocalReviewZ Works

Get a sneak peek inside of our proprietary system that makes it easy to get 5-Star Reviews from your own customers but catches any negative feedback before they ever go online!  For your company to be competitive online, you need to show your excellence across many online review directories, not just on your website.  And don’t let any company fool you into building their brand with reviews on their one platform.  Your customers look for diversity of review sites for credibility and to ensure a good experience.

LocalReviewZ accomplishes just that with 5-star reviews on sites that matter.  Check out the video to see the amazing features including your own dashboard to enable you to monitor, engage, and promote your online reputation easily.  Now you can leverage your 5-Star reviews to get more customers at the push of a button or even automate the process!

What LocalReviewZ Can Do for You

Develop Your 5-Star Reputation

Our proprietary system enables you to easily build unlimited online reviews right at your point of purchase! You’ll now look irresistible when a prospect Googles you!  No worries – we filter out negative reviews and send them directly to you.


Increase Your Revenue up to 20%

After we develop you into a 5-Star Company in the search engines and multiple review sites, your traffic AND conversions sky rocket naturally. Prospects stop their online searches and call you instead of your competitors!


Help You Build More Trust with Customers

Now you can respond to customers on different review sites to build trust and lasting relationships. Our proprietary system makes everything super simple for both you and your customers.


Our Features



Your customers, clients or patients may be thrilled with your company but they don’t want to figure out how to leave an online review for your specific company on 3rd party sites, such as Google+ Local or Yellow Pages.

 We make it super simple for your customers to leave a review!  Your customers are happy to leave a steady stream of great reviews using your own Review App because we make it so intuitive and simple on their own smart phone at the point of purchase.  If you have an unhappy customer, they have an opportunity to tell you what happened but this is a private email to your manager, not the online world!



Now you can keep a pulse on your customers or patients to continuously improve your product or services.  You’ll receive text and email alerts the moment someone is not completely thrilled with your product or service.

Our system prevents negative reviews from ever going public because you’re given the opportunity to quickly respond and resolve the issue. Now you can build outstanding customer service with confidence and turn unhappy customers into lifetime fans.

5-Star Reputation


Local ReviewZ makes it easy to build your 5-Star Reputation with a steady flow of positive reviews. We can even customize your Review App with any review directories such as Zillow, Trip Advisor or Healthgrades!  Lots of 5-Star reviews help you get ranked on the first page of Google and builds trust with your prospects.

Don’t let the internet control your reviews anymore.  Now you can be proactive with our proven system to grow and preserve your reputation.  Let us do the heavy lifting and make you shine so you can focus on what you do well – your business!

Do You Know the Cost of a Bad Reputation or No Reputation?


Still Not Convinced That Online Reviews Are Important?


Raising your rating on Yelp by just one star can increase your revenue by 5 to 9 percent.

Harvard Business School

Four-out-of-five consumers have changed their minds about a recommended purchase based solely on negative information they found online.

Cone Trend Tracker

85% Of Consumers Say They Read Up To 10 Reviews

Local Consumer Review Survey 2014

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